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Mailing list address
This is the address of the list itself. It should not be the subscription address, the request address, or the admin address, but the address of the list itself.
A short, but informative description of the mailing list. Try to avoid using too many acronyms, and don't assume that the Gmane administrators have any idea what the topic of the list is.
Posting permissions Posting allowed (default)
Read-only (for announcement lists, CVS logs etc.)
Non-public (posting through Gmane allowed for list members)
Unidirectional (no posting allowed through Gmane)
Encrypt addresses
If you think that all addresses in this mailing list should be encrypted. This makes addresses look like larsi-SDHSGGHghsdyS?
Spam tagging
Should spam be checked for and tagged in this group?
Mailing list software
The software used to run the mailing list. If you aren't able to determine the software type, leave it as "unknown", but fill in the project URL below.
Group name
A Gmane newsgroup name for the list. This is a string that looks like Browsing might give you some ideas for good group names.
Project URL
URL for the project that the mailing list discusses. This should not be the URL for the mailing list itself, but for a page where people can get information about the project covered.
(Main) language of the mailing list.
Localise the web pages to the language specified above.
Your email address
If you want a confirmation of the subscription request, include your email address here. If you don't include an address here, the request may be dropped.
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