The latest wiki engine and CMS framework in squeak. Pier is SmallWiki version 2.

pier + magma on 3.9 notes

Exploring procedures for building a 3.9+pier+magma image. As of 2006/10 we might need:

  • 3.9
  • Seaside
  • MagmaServer?
  • Magma Seaside
  • Magma Seaside Sushi Store Demo fixes
  • Pier-Magma
  • latest Monticello is nice to have
  • and various setup actions

Keith Hodges' how-to for 3.8 ( , or more precisely the instructions inside his latest image), marked up

From "world menu > open.... > Monticello Browser" Browser opens with (Monticello....)

Click the "+Repository Button", select "HTTP" as the repository type, and enter

location: '' user: '' password: ''

as the repository info (if you have a login on Squeaksource then you can enter your user and password above.)

Add the following repository for Monticello.

location: '' user: '' password: ''

Add the following repository for Magma.

location: '' user: '' password: ''

and the following two repositories for Magritte and Pier

location: '' user: '' password: ''
location: '' user: '' password: ''


location: '' user: '' password: ''

(to edit this information: click the menu button in the right hand pane of the Monticello Browser)

Loading Latest Monticello.

More recent versions of Monticello provide better feedback as to which packages are currently loaded.

Select the repository, click "open", select the latest package (Monticello-avi.279) from the main "Monticello" branch, and click "load".

Loading Seaside

Select "world menu > open... SqueakMap? Package Loader". (If a dialog appears asking if you wish to upgrade SqueakMap?: you do. Notice that SMBase?, SMLoader? packages appear in the Monticello browser, since the upgrade is performed by loading Monticello packages.)

In SqueakMap?, select the ever so convenient "Seaside Installer" which should load in the whole of seaside with its dependencies in one go. To do this select the left had pane menu button, "install". Click yes through the warnings about image version.

Part way through the install you will be prompted to enter an admin username (seaside) and password (admin).

(if SqueakMap? doesnt work it is being knobbled by a more recent package-cache, remove it and try again)

{{skipped Select the seaside repository. Click the "open" and the repository browser will open.

Select Seaside2.6b1 which is the current latest. In the right hand pane are the releases. Releases may be made by anyone and they may be small branches off from the main stream. Periodically an effort will be made to ensure that all changes are merged. Click the history button in order to browse the history of this package to get some idea of what is going on. Look at the ancestors of a package to see if one version is being sequentially built on the next, or whether any branching is occurring. Seaside is fairly mature and changes infrequent, therefore it is likely to be safe to grab the latest version.

Loaded Seaside2.6b1-mb.79 Loaded Scriptaculous-lr.137 }}

To start Seaside doit: WAKom? startOn: 8080. ( Or use the "beach flags" SeasideMorph? available from: )

To test if everything is running, check the following url in your normal web browser. http://localhost:8080/seaside/config

you should be prompted for you username and password (as given earlier).

Loading Magma

Back to the Monticello Browser. Deselect the selected package by clicking on it once. This should re-reveal all of the registered repositories.

(It is worth saving this. In the right hand side pane menu button there is a menu item: "Save Repositories", which writes a simple configuration script to the working directory.)

Select the repository, and click "open".

Select MagmaServerLoader?, and click "load". (it takes a while!)

loaded MagmaServerLoader?-cmm.21 loaded Ma client server-cmm.123 loaded Ma exception handling-cmm.22 loaded Ma time objects-cmm.37

Load Magma Seaside Integration Package

Select "Magma Seaside" (lhs) and the latest package and click "load",

loaded Magma Seaside-kph.25

Load Magma Seaside Sushi Store Demo fixes

loaded Seaside-Examples-Store-Magma.kph-11

Before using Magma may need to execute the following.

MagmaSession? initialize. MagmaRepositoryController? initialize.

useful snippets MagmaSession? cleanUp. MagmaSession? disconnectAndCloseAllConnectedSessions.

Load Magritte loaded Magritte-All-lr.171 Load Pier loaded Pier-All-lr.109 Load OmniBrowser loaded OmniBrowser-avi.258 loaded Pier-OmniBrowser-lr.19

Latest Pier-Magma code

loaded Pier-Model-kph.82 loaded Pier-Seaside-kph.81 loaded Pier-Magma-kph.6

loaded MagmaServerLoader?-cmm.22 (latest with MaHashIndex? fixes)

Pre-upload actions: Monticello Browser - "flush cached versions". Utilities setAuthorInitials:''.

Release Preloaded Image as Sqk3.8f-smp0.9.image

package-image status



3.9 ok

Squeakland image



How can you tell if Pier is using Magma? --John, Thu, 25 Oct 2007 07:56:43 -0700 reply

How can you tell if Pier is using Magma?After following the instructions for installing Magma in Pier, how do you know if it is using Magma for persistency? All of the PRKernels?' persistency are still PRNullPersistency?. I've seen where you can add WAMagmaConfiguration? to the seaside/config for peir. If you execute the following from the PRKernel?:
self persistency: PRMagmaPersistency? new

then the CMS fails to display due to a does not understand #icon (a structure is nil). Anyone successfully gotten this to work?

  ( 5 subscribers )