An overview of Squeak resources on the net, last updated 2006.

squeak wiki (changes , uptime)
The "squeak swiki", largest repository of squeak info. Extensive beginner and technical notes. High activity, occasional downtime. (map , news)
Viewpoint Research's education and end-user oriented squeak home. Medium activity, up to date.
General developer-oriented squeak home. Low activity, out of date. More or less dead for several years now. Alternate home pages are in development.
The Croquet project. Low/medium activity, up to date.

squeak-dev list (archives: gmane , squeakfoundation , uiuc , yahoogroups)
The main squeak mail list, where most discussion takes place. High activity. See Lists for more.

#squeak channel
IRC channel on, medium activity.

squeak people
developer-oriented group blog, medium activity.

squeakmap (changes , all packages)
general add-on package repository, high activity. (rss)
developer-oriented monticello & project hosting, high activity.

mantis bug tracker (view all , print all)
bug tracker for squeak, packages, tweak, croquet, etc.

Projects in Bob's Super Swiki

Homepage/starting-point-like things:
Squeak entries at wikipedia , WikiWikiWeb , ODP
A Conversation with Alan Kay acm queue interview

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